I am always getting asked why I blog?

Well I enjoy telling stories and passing along information but to be honest I always found the net to be a rather dead and lifeless place, a bit like reading on your own, you never meet anyone and it’s so quiet.

You visit a website, read some sales patter, buy the latest Ebook and that’s it over and over again. The eye candy may look different but there is no interaction with the sites owner. It’s all left to your imagination. Blogs on the otherhand enliven a website for me. They give me access to real people and not just reams of sales copy text. More importantly they also give me a reason to go back!

I wanted this website to be alive, so I collated all my old Blogs and back filled them here in this one (no small task) and then determined I would post often.

I also wanted to be a little different than your normal run of the mill “GURU” ahem oh how I hate that term 🙂 Internet Marketer. Try and get to speak to Corey Rudl and see how far you get 🙂 Perhaps there is a fear amongst business people that if they show they are REAL people with hobbies and interests outside of business, then clients will somehow be turned off from them! I would disagree.

I firmly believe that on the Internet one must show a Human face to potential clients as much as possible. People prefer to buy from Poeple and not from eye candy websites with the latest GURU sales copy!