Someone was asking on a Forum board why bother to buy information products and courses when information is readily available on the internet and most of it is FREE!

On the face of it thats actually a good question. But…

I just did a test and typed the words ‘Internet Marketing’ into Google and do you know how many pages Google came up with…

34.100.000! Yes that 34 million 🙂

So the information you can get for free on Internet marketing will be right there, somewhere in the middle of that 34 million websites…

Let assume you trawled say 1000 of those website per day, it would take you 34.000 days to read them all. Sadly you havnt got 34.000 days 🙁 If you live 3 score and ten you have around 25550 days on earth total. And even if you did have 34000 days you could devote to reading, how are you going to sort the good stuff from the rubbish?

You can’t, and that’s why the internet has paradoxically created an explosion in demand for ‘paid for’ information products and services.

You see, the internet has encouraged many millions of people (like you) to seek out information on subjects that interest them, people who previously wouldn’t have bothered. While they wouldn’t have visited a library or book shop, the seemingly quick and easy availability of information online has motivated them to take action.

Action which sadly more often than not has resulted in frustration and disappointment for them.

So now you have a large number of people who have had their interest piqued but not satisfied. The internet has expanded the marketplace, and alerted masses of new people to the possibility that the information they want and need is out there somewhere. They just need somebody to sift it, edit it and summarise it for them into a form they can readily access, understand and use.

This is the complete opposite of what the experts predicted at the dawn of the internet. The internet was supposed to be the death of the ‘hard copy’ written word. And yet there are more books, newsletters, E-zines, magazines and newspapers published today than ever before and the list is growing daily.

The demand for information in our modern age has never been higher. The amount of raw information out there has never been greater. But the capacity of the average person to turn that raw information into something usable has never been lower.

And that’s why it’s a Golden Age for Information Publishers and internet marketers. People who can take the important raw information on a subject, boil it down to the essentials, and then deliver it in an easy to read format.

If this interests and excites you (and if you have any interest at all in making a great deal of money in your spare time, it should) then it could be worth you re-assesing your marketing strategys for the coming year.