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Things You Need to Know about Our White Label SEO Reseller Program

Whether you are a business or agency, if you would like to take advantage of our White Label SEO reseller program, then you need to ensure that you can meet the following requirements:

  • You need to have strong knowledge of SEO.
  • You must be able to resell SEO services without making any promises to clients.
  • We may ask you help us optimize client’s site for additional keywords.
  • Our professionals may need to make some changes to websites of our customers. So, you’ll need either to provide us with the access to websites of your clients or be ready to make all the necessary changes themselves for FREE.
  • You can also allow us to work with your clients directly. In this case, we’ll just pay you our monthly commission.
  • You have to be able to provide clients with SEO reports.
  • When reselling our SEO services you are not allowed to increase the price by more than 20%.
  • It may take your clients between 30 – 90 days to see SEO results.

If you can’t meet above mentioned requirements then you will probably not be able to cooperate with us together successfully.

15DegreesNorth is committed to providing its clients with an effective SEO strategy that works. You can either tell your clients about us or resell our SEO services on your behalf. One way or another, we’ll do our best to make your clients happy with our SEO services.

If your clients are happy, we are happy too!

Do you have a customer who would like to benefit from SEO services and your agency/business meets our requirements? If so, you can start cooperating with us and earn a commission from selling our SEO services. Let’s have a meeting! We would be happy to discuss the details of our partnership with you!

At 15DegreesNorth, we have successful experience of cooperation with different types of businesses including 3D companies, graphic design companies, hosting companies, web development companies, brand agencies, offline marketing agencies and photographers.

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White label SEO with 15DegreesNorth

What are the differences between White Label SEO and White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is all about using legal techniques to improve site’s rankings. White Hat SEO methods provide effective and long term results.

White Label SEO is all about reselling SEO services. Let’s imagine that some of your clients need SEO services. In this case, you can benefit from establishing partnership with a reliable SEO company that has a good reputation on the market. You can also increase your brand awareness by reselling high quality SEO services provided another company.

Why is White Label SEO So Popular Today?

It’s clear that White Label SEO offers great brand development opportunities to businesses which don’t provide SEO services. Such companies can resell search engine optimization services or tools provided by other SEO companies. You don’t even need to hire SEO experts to get all the necessary SEO tasks done. All that you have to do is to outsource SEO work to other company and get your commission.

You may be in need of quality White Label SEO services.

You can use white label SEO services and tools to get different types of SEO works done. These include the following:

  • Keyword Analysis. There are SEO tools that make it easy for everyone to do keyword research and other types of SEO works. You need to know that not all SEO companies provide their clients with tools for doing keyword research. However, the help of such tools in keyword analysis is immeasurable. Using this type of SEO tools you’ll find it easy to select keywords that can generate high amounts of targeted traffic to your site. Plus, you’ll be able to analyze the level of competition for every keyword. Finally, you’ll be able to pick up the best keywords for your SEO and Pay-per-Click campaigns.
  • On Page SEO Reports. We provide customers with on page SEO reports. This type of SEO report contains the list of targeted keywords as well as optimized Meta titles and descriptions for site’s web pages. In addition, the on page SEO report includes our tips for improving your site’s rankings.
  • Backlinking Services. If you choose to cooperate with a company that specializes in White Label SEO you’ll receive tools and services that will help you do different types of link building works effectively.
  • Local Link Services. Using this type of service you’ll be able to attract specific links to your website. Such links are known as “citations”.
  • Guest Posting Services. Guest posting is an effective way of attracting quality backlinks to a website. Incoming links from relevant blog posts have a huge positive impact on your search engine rankings. Using White Label tools you’ll find it easy to select good sites for guest posting purposes. After that, you’ll need to publish content on these sites and get good backlinks.
  • Tiered Link Building Services. Such links consist of several tiers. Each tier is promoted by another. Tiered backlinks are very good for SEO. However, it would be better for you to build tiered backlinks manually. You can use original and valuable content to build tiered backlinks for your website.
  • Mass Link Building Services. Building mass links is known as a Grey SEO method. If done right, mass links can greatly contribute to your SEO strategy. Nowadays, you can use special SEO tools to succeed with mass link building.
  • Google places API tools. It’s a great idea to use this type of SEO tools to promote your website on the local market successfully. With Google places API tools you’ll find it easy to create and optimize your Google Places accounts.
  • Yelp Business Data Tools Along With Many Other Tools. In fact, you can use different strategies to promote your business site and advertise your products and services on Yelp. With this type of tools you’ll be able to setup and manage your Yelp promotional campaigns quickly and effectively.

There are other types of White Label SEO tools that you can use to perform various tasks (such as monitoring website traffic, analyzing YouTube video statistics, spelling checks and more). White Label SEO provides a lot of great online tools for optimizing a website. Actually, you have everything that’s needed to improve your search engine rankings and attract more search traffic to your site.

White Label SEO Package from 15DegreesNorth comes with additional tools.

SEO Audit Reports

You’ll get a tool that will help you analyze the efficiency of your SEO and Pay-per-Click Advertising campaigns. The tool will provide you with recommendations on what needs to be done to improve SEO of your client’s website. After performing audit, you’ll get a report with all site’s SEO problems that need to be fixed. Show the report to your customers. So, your clients will see that you know how to help them achieve the best SEO results. And of course, this type of report will help you convince your customers to purchase your SEO services.

Client Dashboards

Client dashboards make it easy for your customers to analyze their SEO campaigns. You’ll be able to create accounts for your customers using this wonderful tool. As a result, each of your clients will have his/her login details. Once a client logins to a dashboard he/she will get the access to the necessary statistics (existing SEO campaigns as well as previous SEO campaigns).

Client dashboards will provide your customers with the following information: keyword analysis report, a total number of unique users who have visited a site, a number of backlinks attracted to a website, site’s rankings for targeted keywords as well as a number of leads generated.

It’s worth noting that client dashboards can be easily customized. That means that you’ll be able to decide what clients should (or shouldn’t) see in their dashboards. You can send SEO reports to your clients through emails and create a schedule for reporting your customers. Plus, you can add your company’s logo to your SEO reports. Thus, your customers will see your brand.

Our White Label SEO Package comes with additional services

As it was mentioned above, White Label SEO package from 15DegreesNorth comes with such services as keyword research, on-site SEO and link building services. Below, we’ll explain to you what types of additional services you’ll receive with our White Label SEO package:

Website Creation Services. 15DegreesNorth provides a full range of website creation services. We specialize in web design, HTML coding and PHP programming. So, you’ll have everything that’s needed to get a professional business site developed for your client. If you choose to use our web development services you’ll be able to save a lot of time and avoid many problems.

High Quality Content Writing Services. You clients will be able to order content writing services through their dashboards. 15DegreesNorth has brought together a team of highly professional content writers from the United Kingdom. Our writers have experience in writing all types of content (such as web content, articles and blogs, guest posts, press releases and more). We can provide a solution for any of your content marketing needs. It’s important to note that our writers always create unique, well-researched, easy-to-read and interesting content.

Why Choose White Label SEO Reseller Program from 15DegreesNorth

15DegreesNorth has been offering White Label SEO on the UK market for more than 30 years. We have established ourselves as a reliable provider of White Label SEO services due to offering numerous competitive advantages to our partners.

15DegreesNorth delivers a full range of White Label SEO services and tools. We are real experts in every aspect of search engine optimization. Our professionals will be able to create an effective SEO strategy that works. If you choose to resell our SEO services you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get great results.

15DegreesNorth is proud of its staff. We hire the best specialists in the area. Our team consists of highly experienced SEO experts, web developers and content writers. Each of our professionals is dedicated to what he/she is doing. However, the most important thing is that our employees get an ongoing training and constantly work hard to take their skills to the next level.

We have great experience is optimizing sites for companies that operate in highly competitive business sectors. Among our clients are: travel agencies, insurance providers, finance companies as well as law firms.

15DegreesNorth is the innovation driven company that uses the most up-to-date SEO methods. We constantly track the latest trends in the search engine optimization industry and make changes to our SEO strategies. That’s why we have left our competitors behind the scene and become the leading SEO company in the region.

15DegreesNorth is committed to the best possible customer experience. That means that we provide our clients as well as partners with constant support.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we’ll resolve all of your SEO problems (and we would recommend you to avoid dealing with SEO experts who guarantee 100%. However, if you choose to cooperate with us you can be sure that our professionals will do everything they can to promote your business in search engines successfully and provide you with the long-term SEO results.

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