You know the first thing I do when I switch my office PC on is to download my emails and web forms data from my sites. This morning I had to chuckle (I dont get offended easily) Over this one asking for web design. I have blanked out the swear words just in case your sensitive type.

first_name = Fred
last_name = Smith
company = Fred Smith rubbers
country = United Kingdom (Great Britain) email = [email protected]
phone1 =
tracking_tag = MainContactForm
custom_inquirytype = General Inquiry
custom_howdidyoufindus = Other Website
custom_Myurl = http://
custom_enquirydescription = Hi Guys I was wondering if you have designed any adult shops before, I would like one with a picture of a man getting it right up his ****. If you are interested in this sort of work then go f**** yourself! Mother f***** go suck some c***** you c**** Thats it, that’ll do donkey, that’ll do!

Hmmmmmmm I guess it takes all sorts ehhh