There is nothing that impresses a visitor to your website less than never seeing anything new within its pages. Naturally, especially in the case of small businesses, you won’t want to revamp your entire website every few weeks, but there are some other things that you can do to keep things fresh, and maintain a steady stream of repeat visitors who continue to return to find out what is the latest on your site.

If you visit your favorite large website – or even your favorite website of any size for that matter – you’ll typically find that it is always adding something to keep you wanting to come back for more. After all, if there wasn’t anything new, there wouldn’t be much reason for you to return to the site after viewing it the first time. Typically, these new sections are made up of “what’s new” or “news” pages that contain small additions every few days or so. As for us we use this blog 🙂

Ideally, the pages would be updated daily, but in the case of small businesses, not all have the time or ability to update every single day. As long as it’s more frequent than once per week, you’re usually set for repeat customers.

If you want to add a “what’s new” section to your website, it should generally have these characteristics:

• It continuously has new content added and updated
• It has a large number of pages due to its ever-growing nature

Your what’s new page doesn’t need to be anything too complex. In fact, many sites now use blog-style pages for their what’s new pages, so that any updates simply need to be tacked to the top of the last inclusion. This works very well, because it doesn’t make the viewer have to make many different clicks to arrive at all of the latest news. This is important, since most visitors won’t make more than one or two clicks before giving up and going elsewhere to find what they want to know.

What you include in your page is truly up to you. You can talk about the latest in your products, the most recent news in your industry, or business news in general. Make sure that you do include any changes that you make to your own business or website. That is, after all, the point to keeping your visitors up to date!