The introduction of Mozilla to the web browsing world has caused quite a stir. Sure, it allows users to surf the web as they please without the pain and bother of pop-ups or as much spyware, but for web designers, it just means one more struggle for compatibility when creating a new site. Oh how we know this so well 🙁

Though all of the basics can be viewed using Mozilla, web design isn’t fully compatible between that program and other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape. Therefore, when you’re designing a website, if you believe that your primary target, or at least a good chunk of your market, will be using Mozilla to access the site, you may wish to use a Mozilla-compatible web design product such as Mozilla Composer (a free product available for download off the web).

By using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program such as this, you can quickly and easily whip together a quality website that can be viewed perfectly by any user of a Mozilla browser.

As you create your site, just make sure to test it all the way along to be certain that it is working as you desire. You can also check it against other web browsers, so that you can design a site that isn’t just compatible with Mozilla, but with others as well. There is no reason for you to limit your compatibility just because you’re designing with a specific browser in mind.

As you can see, it is neither impossible, nor expensive to work with Mozilla in mind. You simply need to use the right program, and check your work frequently (a practice you should already have). Furthermore, Mozilla is becoming increasingly compatible with advanced functions, while still blocking pop-ups and spyware, so you will also be able to create sites with great features to go with their appealing look and strong content.