When a small business sits down and designs their website, they have an edge over their larger competitors. The small business can make the most of their market share. The Internet provides a very fluid environment for staking out a retail claim. The Internet also offers multiple layers to the customer base that offline or local retailing cannot. The web design of a small business website can use that to its advantage.

Marketing techniques enhance user-friendly websites by utilizing the small business appeal. Home pages will reflect a more hometown look and feel. The simplified interfaces can do more for increasing business than all the Flash powered shiny graphics and fade outs combined. The small business web design inspires trust, through old-fashioned marketing appeal and trust is whats sells! The look of brick, even on a website, conjures images of a small storefront. By employing marketing in the web design, the end user is treated to the idea that they are visiting a niche market – a unique place – and it will encourage them to come back and repeat that unique experience.