The internet’s most valuable asset is its content. It is the equivalent to virtual money. It is what is traded globally and utilized from the largest corporation, to the smallest single-page personal site. Traditionally – if the internet has been around long enough to be considered to have tradition ha ha– using other people’s content was a normal part of web design. This doesn’t mean that sites are simply copies of one another, but there is a great deal of content that is considered to be “public domain”, that is, not copyrighted, and free to use for everyone.

But is this shared and copied content still of value to today’s web designers? Many experts are beginning to think that copied content not only doesn’t have value anymore, but it will also penalize you for posting duplicate content because search engines will consider it “spam” or simply not original.

However, others would disagree, since e-zine sites, news sites, and press release posting sites all take their content from writers who commonly submit their articles to many different article directories. And these sites are among the most popular and high ranking on the internet.

The difference that these sites make is the way in which they present it. Since they each have their own requirements for description paragraphs and other details, the articles appear slightly different to search engines.

Therefore, it can be said that duplicate content does still have its value in web design, as long as you present it in your own way, and don’t just do a copy-and-paste job! Like many people do I might add 🙂

Remember, though, copied content is only legal when it is taken within the rules of the original site. Therefore, if the content has been copyrighted, or requires permission to use it, then this must be done before simply taking it.