For a web user, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a site to load. In fact, more often than not, today’s internet users simply won’t stand for it. Yep as i have said many times before you’ve got about 8 seconds! Before waiting for a site to load, they will much more frequently go elsewhere to find the same information or products at a speed that suits them. Patience is not a virtue common among site visitors.

That being said, it is now up to you to figure out how to speed up your own site’s download so that you won’t lose your prospective customers to impatience. Your solution, therefore, is tables. It’s just that simple. Placing all of your content into one table that is broken into a few different cells means that your visitors will have virtually blank screens for the majority of the downloading of the site, and then everything will appear all at once – one of the best ways to invite visitors to go elsewhere. Instead, simply break up your content into separate tables, each with their own text and graphic elements.

This division can be made in a number of ways. Choose the one that best fits your web design. This often means creating two tables, one at the top, and one below. The top table should include all of the header information and the logo for the website, and the bottom table can include the content itself. This way, the logo and site options become available immediately to your visitors as they wait for the site content to appear.

As long as your web design is always giving your visitors options and something to look at while the rest of the content loads, you can usually consider yourself in the clear as far as downloading speed. So look at the download time of your own website, and whenever you run into a place where things are a bit on the slow side, it’s time to use those tables!