I have a friend who is an Artist. We were out and about one day when he happened to say that the sculpture we were looking at had “A Certain Otherness” “Say what”? I said. But now I know what he means. It is the indescribable. It’s the reason we Love Apple.com. It’s function and Form. It pleases you but your not quite sure why.

You know when Janet (my head designer) and I came up with the creative for the new 15dn html site I loved it. My brief was that I wanted it to be Directional, warm, different and easy to navigate. Slightly off centre, a bit like me and to have otherness (Oh how she laughed). Yet design just like my life is an ever evolving and changing animal. Hell when I was a kid I hated pickled walnuts and now I love them ROFL!!

I am also patently aware that you can’t please all the folks all the time and as such for the most part this design is for me, and then I hope most people will like it.

So I have moved from loving 15dn, to pulling it to pieces and starting the whole creative over again! As such and also in light of my New Years Competition (Great comments) We are already in the process of a major re-design here at 15dn. So watch this space because it will be changing some time soon 🙂


I will be announcing the winners of the competition in the first week of Feb and also emailing them.