We all want traffic!

It matters not if you have a multi million pound website or just a humble Blog. We ALL want MORE traffic! More readers! But can you Blog your way into Google? The answer as to whether you can Blog your way into Googles SERPS is yes, sometimes in six weeks, often in as little as 24 hours.

A Blog is actually one of the most conducive web site mediums to attract more traffic from multiple sources quickly. The trick to getting this to work for you however is in understanding which vital conditions have to be met first.

Most people submit their websites or Blog to Google and wait six to eight weeks to see if they were included in the SERPS. Other people know that the fastest way to be spidered by Google is to leave your link at a site that is already getting spidered (if you can). But even among those people, when they don’t see their site in Google exactly the way they’d like to see it, they give up, and say it didn’t work for them.

So what gives here?

The place that the majority of people go wrong with SEO is in trying to trick Googlebot into thinking their site matches its standards for inclusion for their desired high traffic keyword, instead of aligning themselves with the purpose that the search engine fills. I.E. relevant content.

You may think that if you study ALL the SEO tricks, you’ll have the desired traffic from the search engines and it will then follow that your`s will be the site people come to for the keyword or search phrase they type in, which in turn will hopefully lead to 2{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57} of those people buying what’s at your site.

Your not totally off thinking that! There are just easier, faster and less expensive ways to do it. Some of them only have subtle differences from the ways you may know already.

Actually you don’t even need the traffic for your most desired keywords or search phrases to be successful! You just need some TARGETED traffic that converts well. Some of the most successful websites I know of generate amazing profits in the tens of thousands with a few hundred visitors every day!

The method I suggest to get the kind of search engine results that can power those kinds of sales, is aligning your site with the purpose the search engine seeks to fill. NOT trying to trick the bot that you have relevant content when you dont! You should still make sure your Blog meets all the basic SEO guidelines. However, the very nature of a Blog makes it easier to meet more of these requirements with less continual tweaking and struggle.

Let’s look at the facts, and see how Blogs align themselves more closely with one of Google’s purposes as a search engine.

1. If you get your site’s link in the path of the search engine spider or robot of your choice, in this case Googlebot, it may well follow it.

2. The way to get it to follow the link is to make sure it can `SEE` your link.

3. If your Blog content fills a need that the search engine’s database of links has, it will include your link in its database.

4. If your link fills a deficit of content better than any other site in accordance with Google’s `secret` algorithm, it will rank your page well in that area.

So now, the only missing component necessary to our success is finding out how to be the best site Google finds for a category that has a deficit already. One of Googles main strengths is that it is perceived by the People that use it to be able to provide fresh accurate results based on their searches. It follows then, that the main purpose of Googles database of links is to provide this fresh, relevant up to date RELEVANT content on the topics its users desire.

We know that unless you have a news site like CNN or BBCi the closest you can come to this is with a Blog! In fact The freshest, most relevant, most topical information found on the web today is in Blogs, as well as their corresponding RSS or Atom feeds.

A Blog’s very function is to contain constantly updated focused content, on one topic or field. Or in my case a broad range of subject matter from internet marketing to Robots! ahem 🙂

When Blogs first started out, the main topic was often a person’s life. The typical Blog was more an online diary for voyeurs. Business Blogs on the other hand tend to be updated records of a certain kind of information that is relevant to their industy sector, or a topic aligned with the interests of their mainly business visitors.

So you need to know the following things in order to get your Blog included in Google’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

1. Where to leave your link(s) so that it or they will get spidered by Google in the first place.

2. How to make sure Googlebot actually sees your link once you have left it.

3. How to set up your Blog so its content fills a deficit.

4. The best way to make sure your Blog does this better than other Blog sites.

As with all things internet there is a specific formula for achieving the above heady mix. I will reveal what it is in part two after Christmas 🙂