That is the question Shakespeare would ask if he were alive today. I posted this over at the Warriors forum and I think it sums up the whole Bloggin thing nicely..

A blog is a collection of posts that is regualrly updated by the owner normally covering a broad range of subjects. The best blogs insert humour and candour into the blog and thus develop a rich and varied readership/following.

Blog readers tend to be very switched on and very critical.

There are not many marketers that have Blogs. So im not discouraging you from blogging. Far from it go for it, but be aware its not easy, takes constant updates and no small amount of wit and charm.

John Reese has a blog but he doesnt update often, which is actually worse than NOT having one! Unless your readership expects that and then it would be ok, say if you did it like a monthly newsletter. I have one (your reading it now). I’ve actually been blogging since 99 in one form or another. Mr Fire himself has a feed as does Laura Childs (she’s just started a Blog I see 🙂 Seth Godin has one that I read as does Dana van Heuval and Debbie Weil. The list is getting endless to be honest.

Most bloggers quickly burn out however. Just as not everyone is an artist so not everyone is an interesting writer. Just because technology enables one, does not make one any good at it! This is the funny thing with the net dont you think? Always amazes me how many internet marketers there are that actually have no experience in the field, but I digress 🙂

I would suggest that you engross yourself in other peoples blogs before embarking on your own. Then if you do decide to start blogging make it varied and rich and have an internet marketing category amongst your other categorys. Build a loyal readership and then offer them things occasionaly.