Im not looking back but I want to look around me now! Time stand still, some more of the people and the places that surround me now.

Well the new year speeds away already and I am drawn to one of my favorite tracks (again)

Time Stand Still by Rush (dont yah just love Canadians)

How’s it go. Freeze this moment a little bit longer, make each sensation a little bit stronger. Experience slips away, Experience slips away! Yeh freeze this moment a little bit longer. Ah Peart your such a poet 🙂

Dont you ever feel that our lives are speeding by? Each year my life gets faster, or seems to. This feeling has become ever more apparent to me with the advent of the communication boom and the internet. All that information and knowledge I’m missing! I will be late if I dont grab it now! My friends and my missus have a joke about me that they are going to buy me a Sherlock Holmes smoking jacket. Have you seen the one Jeremy Brett wears in the series? The red quilted one, floor length ha ha.

They see me as an English gent with my pipe, slippers and smoking jacket moaning about how things were much better (and slower) in my day! LOL

Just the other day my friend asked me ‘Hey Mark what did we do when we did’nt have mobiles or the internet’? I lived a much more relaxed life I said ha ha. We were playing Golf at the time and I religiously leave my Mobile in my car and have 4 hours of FREE time on the course and 1 hour drinking a pint in the clubhouse afterwards! My friend who is a stockbroker in the city has to take his with him (orders from his boss) So in light of this I thought I would reveal some marketing secrets to you my faithfull 🙂

1. There are fortunes being made on this internet of ours each day
2. Its not easy
3. Its not automatic
4. Anyone who tells you its easy and or automatic is spinning you 🙂
5. It takes a damned amount of hard work
6. Your work is never done
7. Your thoughts never stop, theres always a new idea to pursue
8. For as many new sites that are created each day offering you the latest secret, just as many go under that were started last year!
9. Customer service is your most important job

Can you really do it? Can you make a decent sizable living from all this cash floating around on the net? Yes you can, but please bear in mind the above 9 points before you start out on your journey 🙂

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