Well its been 20 years but Stephen Donaldson has finally got round to releasing the sequel to

“The Tales of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever”

So it looks like Lord Foul the Despiser didnt get killed off afterall eh 🙁 I have yet to buy mine as I dont buy hardbacks 🙂 But after waiting 20 years hell I can wait another month or so 🙂

I first read them when I was a submariner in the UK Royal navy way back when I was 19! Ive since re-read them no less than 5 more times and each time I have managed to get more from the story.

If your a Tolkien fan (who isnt these days) Then you’ll find it to be a riveting read. I find it to be much more mature than Tolkien to be honest but if you dont cope to well with despair then you’ll struggle! I would like to see them make a film from it but im not sure they could fit it all into even 10 films 🙂