Do you know I really was sold the dream of internet marketing 🙂 You know the one? The one hour a day this is so easy crap I do it whilst at the beach 🙂

Don’t get me wrong here there are some (few) internet businesses that may enable you to work like this, although im yet to find one to be honest! Most take hours of work and effort though.

I have lost count of the new skills I have aquired since starting 15dn. The problem you always face is this.

1. Do it yourself
2. Get a developer to do it for you!

Even if you opt for number 2 you still have to understand your software and requirements enough to get over exactly what you want to the developer! This process in of itself entails a lot of learning!

I am a do it myself type of guy I guess mostly because I dont trust others to do my work for me 🙁 A bit of a perfectionist see! But I do remeber fondly when i dreamed of having an internet business that would run automatically whilst i was at the beach 🙂