Software Testing

Software Testing

I could write whole encyclopedias on software testing and indeed there are many books on the subject now. As an industry it has morphed and evolved over the years. Gone are the days where a team of developers along with some marketers could chuck into production untested software. Do that today and it’s going to cost you your reputation and not least your company if you get it really wrong.

People, consumers, us, you and me just don’t accept software and websites that don’t work or are full of bugs and poor functionality, we click away in our droves and NEVER come back.

So great you don’t get software testing, don’t want to get it and or in most cases don’t want to spend money on it. Good luck with that then sucker. Enjoy fixing your bugs in a live production environment whilst at the same time losing customers hand over fist. Your marketing department won’t help you then will they.

It does not matter how big or small your business is online, if you are selling anything then you need to test your processes, site, forms, cart flows you name it. Because if you don’t most people won’t tell you they are not working they will just go somewhere else and you won’t know, well at least not for a while.

We have worked on large and small projects alike. From Mobile Telco startups to small websites with one contact form. The process is the same albeit it gets more complex when you’re dealing with 85 third party suppliers and thinking about test data and test environments. Planning is everything.

Whatever your project drop us a line using our contact form so we can chat about it and see if we can help you.


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