But I Lurrvvv Fridays!

I think I have a case of tribbles. You remember? The little fluffy things that plauged Kirk and his buddys way back in? When was it now? 1970 ish, God showing my age 🙁 The cable at the office decided to die 🙁 Worse still they can’t get a techy out untill Tuesday! Gods teeth do these people not realize I actually do live on the net! I have no friends or indeed life outside of this space and am permanently strapped to my chair! Only joking here of course.

Why software? Well it’s at times like this when I am on the move between cable connections and houses’s, that I come to realize how much I love and rely on RoboForm Pro. You see I have at last count, over 200 different logins and passwords to 200 different websites ranging from this blog interface to my online banking to Hotmail and not forgetting my Web host’s, The list is endless and growing steadily.

Before I discovered RoboForm I kept all my passwords rather unsecurely on an excel doc ha ha. Since starting to use it I honestly can say that I do not know what I would do without it. Singularly the best and most used utility I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Best of all it’s FREE 🙂 get yourself a FREE Copy Here

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you all on Monday..

It stores usernames and passwords for you and also fills in forms 🙂 Sits on your browser toolbar and automatically suggests the correct password when you land on the page that needs it:)