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Social Media Management

The use of social media as part of an online marketing strategy is virtually mandatory for success. Practically all online businesses now use some form of social media to build a powerful, coherent online presence – they do so because it works.

Having no social media accounts or leaving them to go dormant is really limiting what you can gain from doing business online.

Social media marketing and management is one wing of 15 Degrees North’s all-encompassing online strategy to get you the highest possible returns for your marketing efforts. We can manage your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts to build a positive, trusted, authoritative online presence for your business. From project management to content creation, from SEO to research, we have the experience to take your website to the top of the rankings and exponentially increase the traffic to your site.

Social Media Drives Traffic to Your Site

Social media works to drive traffic to your site in multiple ways, from direct traffic to social proof.

Social Media Posts

One of the most obvious ways social media can send traffic to your site is through targeted social media posts and ads. Post an update to social media with a link to new content on your website and you’ll see immediate traffic from interested followers.

There’s a certain knack to handling social media accounts for a business. Posting too often or without good reason can come across as ‘needy,’ turning off potential customers and potentially losing your social media followers.

Many companies relax formalities slightly on social media posts to appear to be more approachable and human. Social media can put a human face on your business, with photos of your employees hard at work serving the customer base, for example.

It’s important for your site to be ready for the influx of new visitors you’ll get from a social media post. Sometimes you can go for a while without gaining much new traffic and then one of your posts will resonate with readers and go ‘viral’. Your website should be ready to convert as many of these new visitors as possible.

Monitor which site your visitors are coming from, the types of content that are getting the best engagement and which of them ultimately become new conversions.

Social Media Engagement boosts Search Engine Rankings

Search engines like Google like to stay current with the most up to date trending content and therefore monitor the sites that are constantly acquiring traffic through social media links. If your website is showing this traffic it will be considered more active and engaging than when it did not. This can help your site quickly rise in search engine rankings even when going up against more established sites.

A Social Media Presence Builds Relationships

The clue is in the name – social media allows your business to interact with your customers and build emotional connections. Social media works best for a business when they treat it less as an advertising avenue and more of a two-way street.

You have access to all of the posts your followers make so you’re able to see the type of things your potential customers are interested in and the websites they frequent. You can use this vital information to adjust your other marketing efforts to reflect this.

Other businesses that you are not directly competing with can be reached out to, building potential business partnerships for the future.

Social Media is Not Considered Marketing

For most people, social media is safe space where they don’t feel they are being advertised to. As long as your social media engagement is not too on-the-nose, people are much more receptive to your message. This works especially well when it re-tweeted or forwarded by someone else as they consider it coming from the view of a trusted friend.

Targeted Social Media Ads

Advertising on social media offers some of the best value for your advertising pound thanks to just how much social media sites know about their visitors. This allows your social media ads to only be shown to users from a certain location, with a certain educational level and who have liked products similar to yours, for example. As you’re only advertising to people who are likely to be interested in your product the conversion rate can be very high.

Facebook even lets you track people who have already visited your site, allowing you to tailor the experience they receive.

How 15 Degrees North Handles Social Media Management

At 15 Degrees North, we have had outstanding success handling social media for our clients. Here are some of the ways that we suggest you use your social media to your best advantage:

  • Innovation – You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to social media marketing but it doesn’t hurt to stand out from the crowd from time to time. Think about what would engage your followers, get them talking and get them to start sharing your content. Think about new ways to extend your social media reach by finding new followers.
  • Personalize your approach – For each of our clients, we build a completely different social media strategy. What works for a large conglomerate won’t necessarily work for a one-person company, for example. Each social media platform is also different and needs a different approach.
  • Consider different media types – Try images, videos, on-site tools, infographics, news stories, etc. This not only keeps things interesting for your followers but allows you to gauge what might work best in other marketing efforts.
  • Engage! – Social media is about engagement. All too often companies are afraid of actually engaging with their followers and their social media accounts become a boring one-way advertising tunnel. If your customers engage with you on social media you need to be prepared to answer their queries promptly and professionally.

Key Social Media Platforms

There are thousands of social media platforms out there, some of them more relevant to your business than others. There are, however, three social media platforms big enough to be important to all business – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook for Businesses

15 Degrees North can handle the management of all of your Facebook pages, accounts, and apps. We can take control of all of the Facebook advertising campaigns you want to run to streamline and simplify your workflow. We offer succinct reports that advise how your business is doing on Facebook and how it lines up with the grand marketing plan.

Twitter for Businesses

We can handle all of your Twitter account and advertising, delivering highly targeted traffic to your website. We can help build your follower count with real people interested in your brand and post Twitter updates on your behalf that keep people engaged. We’re able to customize your Twitter pages with a design matching your website and update it periodically when you run special promotions.

Twitter is all about content, and we have the content creation team to create tweets and the accompanying articles that get people re-tweeting. We carefully choose keywords and phrases so as to appeal to your target demographic while being relevant to your business.

Above all, we will be active and engage with your Twitter followers to build their respect and trust in your brand.

Instagram for Business

Instagram is another important social media outlet for businesses with a different demographic to Twitter and Facebook. We make the posting of updates to Instagram simple, streamlining the planning and scheduling of posts. Instagram posts should remain relevant and meet quality standards, and we make this easy for your business.

We can handle multiple Instagram profiles and keep all interaction with users manageable, all the while enhancing the brand and building trust.

Social Media Management by 15 Degrees North

One of the important wings of our complete online marketing solution, we consider social media management key to the on-going success of any online business. Our social media management team is the best in the business, able to turn a burgeoning social media presence into a force to be reckoned with within a matter of months.

Get in touch with 15 Degrees North today to discuss your social media management needs. We’re always ready to help!

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