Allen posted this over at Warriors and I just had to copy paste as I couldnt agree more.

I got an email today that confirmed how ignorant and blind some people can be. This fellow was on a rant about how there really are secrets and went on to mention a previous article of mine.

If you take the statement “there are no secrets” out of context and go on a rant or begin posting in forums that “there are no secrets” then you’re a moron.

Warriors with a head on their shoulders and the capacity to think for themselves knew exactly what that article was about. The whole point of the article was to stop seeking the “big” secret and get to making money now, today.

Most Warriors already know everything they need to know to make great money on the Internet, right now. Whether they do it or not is entirely up to them. It is most definitely in the slicksters benefit to keep you hanging on seeking the next big “secret” while the whole time they are doing what really makes money and has always made money:

1. Building Huge Lists
2. Creating Viral Systems
3. Doing JV’s
4. Running Affiliate Programs
5. Creating Information Books, Packages & Monthly Subscriptions

Look at what they are “doing” instead of what they are “saying” you should do…

Since I pay no attention to search engines whatsoever, if someone knows something about them then, technically, it’s a secret to me. However, those with secrets about search engines can take them all along with all the adsense secrets and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine because I’ve pulled in millions of dollars from the Internet without ever once paying any attention to the search engines.

For the vast majority that are actually making money, search engines and PPC’s account for very little of their income. Unless you run some of the incredibly huge sites like Freebie or Contest sites that get millions of hits per day, fooling with things like Adsense means you’re playing with “tiny money” and your own checks will prove it.

That’s not to say money can’t be made there. But look closely, how many can actually make this money? The search engine game is almost like MLM. How many can there be at the top? How many can there be on the first page of search engine results? How high can you bid for your chosen keywords?

The fact is, virtually everyone here already knows enough to get down to business and start making money now. But many will continue holding out for that next big “PPC” or “Adsense” secret…while never snapping to the fact that the slickster pushing it just made another $300,000 selling them the book.

Now, with all that said, there are ‘obviously many secrets to be learned from others. We can’t find everything on our own. My main point is to not let that blind you to the fact that you can make money “Now” with what’s already known and has been known for years.

Use 90% of your time creating and 10% buying all the books and secrets you want, then you’ll get somewhere, and not until then.