Carrying on from last week Let’s talk about age and why it’s good to be old in terms of search. As far as the engines are concerned and this is especially so for Google the older your site is the more relevant it must be!

So if your targeting search engine optimization for example and the the top 100 results are all web sites that were registered pre 2000 then you’re going to have to work ten times harder to beat them with a new site! They have natural link buildage over time and that’s difficult to fool or get around and the search engines know this! Interestingly this is also why you CANT have a one price fits all mentality to SEO!

So how do you do it then?

In a nutshell you have to find and buy an OLD website and then 301 redirect it to your site by using .htaccess. In this way you will (should) get the old websites related age transfered to your new website! Et Voila now you have an old website and your happy to be old 🙂