I have to say im glad my business does NOT rely on raw search engine traffic 🙂 MY GOD what an unstable beast that is ehh! Google changes its algorithm slightly and bang you drop 1000 places for your best search term 🙁 Should you try to get good raw FREE search listings? (FREE being a laugh here) Yes of course but you should’nt rely on it.

I say FREE being a laugh because raw search engine listings arnt FREE. If you do the SEO yourself it takes an awfull lot of time, effort and learning and my time is money! If you pay someone then it’s not FREE eh.

As ive said before we have done zilch SEO on the main 15dn site although this has changed in the past week. Anyway I thought it would be a good idea if I documented here in the blog what we do on a weekly basis with regards to SEO.

So to kick off this week we are doing all on page optimization for the whole site on a page by page basis. Also included in this is adding new copy to the pages that are missing copy (sacrilage) Please bear in mind the 80/20 rule with only {43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57}20 of your SEO efforts being ‘on page’ optimization and {43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57}80 being who links to you!

So for the on page stuff we are doing

A: The meta tags (even though some engines dont use them)
B: The titles of each page making sure we use our main search terms within the title
C: Sprinkling our keyword terms within the copy on each page. Called keyword density.
D: Bolding some of our keyword phrases on these pages
E: Entering our keyword phrases are within the alt tags of all graphics and making sure we call each tag graphic like this

“internet marketing graphic”

F: Internal linking to other pages using our main keyword phrases.

The tool we are using to analyze our competitors pages is called optilink and you can grab a copy Here

Phewww thats actually quite a lot of work ehh no wonder SEO gurus charge $10.000 per month 🙂