Any webmaster who is serious about achieving substantial results from their websites is certain to include search engine optimization as a main part of their marketing strategies. However, search engine optimization is a complex activity, with many different levels that need attention and effort.

Large companies and corporations have state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and teams of people to have this done. Unfortunately, small businesses cannot possibly afford to compete with that level of equipment and staffing that those larger organizations have readily available. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot take advantage of very similar opportunities.

There are a number of terrific free search engine optimization (SEO) tools online that can give virtually the same results as those received by large corporations, but without spending millions of dollars or hiring teams of professionals. These tools range from providing you with accurate statistics, to helping keyword optimize your website, to analyzing your position within search engines, researching competitor websites, and a great deal more.

These tools can be used in two primary ways:

If you are new to SEO, and you need some information and insight into the ways in which search engine optimizing can change and help your site, these tools can help your website’s performance and ranking. You’ll receive a rapid overview of the primary issues and trends that will impact your current website, and inform you as to where you most require SEO work.

• If you already work with SEO and require a compliment to further specialize your efforts, these tools can give your search engine optimization greater focus and accuracy. They can both compliment and supplement your SEO actions and add to your experience and understanding of the way you perfect your site.

The main types of free search engine optimization tools online include:

• Keyword research tools – to provide you with the right words and phrases for keyword optimizing your site

• Keyword analyzing tools – to scan your content and let you know the density of the keywords you wish to use for optimization.

• Search engine position verification tools – for checking within the first fifty results of each of the most important search engines for any given keyword or phrase that you wish to check.

• Link popularity tools – to find out how many times a search engine has found links to your website. This is important for the more recent additions to Google’s ranking elements, since inbound links, and links in general to your site now matter in the ranking process.

• Meta tag generator – certainly, meta tags aren’t as important as they once were for ranking, but they don’t hurt, either. Having them automatically generated saves a lot of time and energy.

This is not, by far, an exhaustive list of all of the free online search engine tools that you will discover, and the number of different tools is always growing. However, it will give you a good start for getting your site on its way.