Oh my Jagger has done some damage ehh! But should it suprise you? Come on Google employs the smartest brains in the business and pays them uber dollars! They know what us SEO guys do and of course they know how to beat us at our own game.

You cannot beat Google at SEO or indeed the other engines for that matter because they own the engine, the algrothmn, the playing field, all the equipment needed for playing and it’s their game!

Reciprocal links are important BUT in no way as much as they were before jagger and more importantly they will decline even more as time goes on! So what can you do?

Content content content is the game now. Relevant content is what you need both on your website and also in tasty articles that you scatter about the web for others to use. This will provide you with relevance in the engines eyes and juicy one way links from your articles for your link popularity. Get writing!


I always hated recips anyway as it’s oh so damned boring doing them all day long 🙁