There are lots of different pieces of software out there that will create you instant “push button” websites today. You know the ones. The nasty looking adsense sites with no real content on them where you just click an adsense ad to get the hell out of there fast!

I see lots of ads daily for the latest software that will apparently DRIVE the search engines into a feeding frenzy 🙂 BUT what you must remember and this goes for PR (page rank) to. It doesnt matter if the search engine spiders are visitng your site and it doesnt matter what your PR is either. This is not important. What matters is when someone types in you best keyword phrase do you appear on page one in the SERPS!

As an example of this in action go to Google and type in “web design company”. Now go to page 10 and have a look at some of them. Most are PR6 ill wager. But who cares! How many of you click through to page 10 of search results?

So next time you see an ad for the latest push button software just remember that once you have bought it then the hard work really starts. Your SEO campaign 🙂