I get asked occasionly why I link to PR0 sites! Such a shortsighted view dont you think! A bit like everything on the net, here one minute gone the next. Well we are here to stay and have been here in one form or another for years (since 1999 for this Blog) So why?

Here’s some reasons….

1. A PR 0 today might be a PR 8 (great site) in the future

2. ANY link to you is a good link at the moment unless they are grey barred. Topical links of course are better

3. Your a FOOL if you rely on Googles PR at all 🙂 It’s meanigless trust me!

4. You were a PR 0 once or have you forgotten! Shame on you!

So 4 good reasons to link to all and sundry. This might change in the future but at the moment it’s sound.