So were into November and hopefully the latest Google Dance is finally over!

Google goes through an update and people instantly get paranoid. Most people I know question their own SEO efforts in relation to the update.

Most of the questions surrounding an update are as follows

Do I have enough site-wide links
Do I have enough homepage links
Do I have footer links on my pages
Should I be Link trading
Not having enough content
Having too much content on page
Adding 200 pages in 1 week
Deleting 200 pages in 1 week
Not adding any pages in a year
Updating content too often
Not updating content enough
Having PR newspaper links
Not being in the news at all
Buying links from text link brokers
Not buying links from text link brokers
Posting links in forums, guestbooks and blogs
Should I Join an automatic link network

Of course I could go on and on and on. I even got asked the other day to Remove a link because my links page is only a PR3 and they dont want to link to PR3 sites! Note here this is my links page not my site page or blog which is a PR5! Oh how I laughed at that! Of course I removed it but what is that webmaster thinking here? His site is a web design site so we are topically related. It can only benefit him to link to me even if I was a PR0 it would benefit him. But I digress.

After an update and before you jump to any conclusions look at the top ten sites in your niche and analyze them! It really is that simple. If you want to be top ten analyze the sites that are and then incoporate what they are doing into your SEO plan.