So ive got a new client. And he has this great idea for a dating website! It is a good idea by the way 🙂 Anyway so we are having dicussions about his SEO campaign. I told him basically you can forget Google for a couple of years unless we buy you an old Domain. No im in Google already he says! Really I say? Oh yes he says!

So I do some checking and he has no PR and a grand total of two links to him! Are you sure your in Google I say? What keywords do you come up for? I dont know he says but we have been indexed!

And herein lies the rub as they say. To be indexed means nothing! To appear on page one for your best keyword is what matters! Yes you need to be indexed for that to happen but indexing is NOT the end of the story it is only the beginning! So I asked some of my other clients and ALL of them thought that getting a spider to visit you was the most important part of SEO 🙁

Just goes to show ehhh