I had a discussion recently about NOT going for highly targeted keywords like “web design” but picking easier fair like say “web design uk”! I have to disagree to be honest, because if I took that attitude with any of my projects I would not start any for fear of FAILURE.

As far as I am concerned you CAN obtain any keyword if

A. You work hard enough
B. You have anough links pointing to you containing it in the anchor text (search for Miserable Failure)
C. You have enough money and can buy good quality links when needed.

Dont listen to doom mongers! We have been doing SEO for only a few weeks only now and already we come out on page one for some nice keywords. The more I refine and the more links we get the better that situation will get too.


If you shoot for the stars you might land on the moon. If you shoot for the moon you might land on earth. If you shoot for nothing then nothing is what you’ll get!