Well I am called odd by all that know me, not least her indoors 🙂 And you would’nt click my posts if I used crap titles would you?

So what’s the SEO lesson for today then?


and more


Yep whatever anyone tells you, at the moment links is the game my man. The more you have the higher you WILL rank! All talk of algorithms and keyword density blah blah is so much balderdash piffle and popycock!

However in a competitive market where your aiming for say

“internet marketing” or perhaps “web design” then you have to be much more technical with your on page optimisation techniques. Refine Refine Refine.

Oh yes and dont listen to so called “internet marketers” that tell you traffic isnt everything! What they FAIL to tell you is that for them with huge email lists it isnt but for you my friend it is because you dont happen to have lying around a huge list of previous buyers who drool over your every word 🙂

You have two options only, well maybe three but essentially PPC or SEO and then later when you have links you will get number three which is non search engine traffic from your links. Hmmm there might be a 4 which is hit exchanges but im not sure how much of that traffic translates to hard cash to be honest! Number 5 the email list only comes later once you have had the traffic (and sales)

I predict that this will change! The reason for this is because reciprocal links are not natural and the engines know this (they aint stupid) they know we are all AT IT like mad things! So they will adapt and then we will have to adapt back. It’s a game. Learn to play it well and you will earn lots of money 🙂 Dont play and noone will know your there!