Ok so I said I would go into this subject more and here’s part two for you.

Firstly though lets look at what our problems are and this is especially so if your a Niche marketer with a typically one page sales letter type web site

The 3 most important and sadly most elusive marketing and advertising methods are…

1. Getting search engines to your pages in the first place.

2. Getting search engines to index and list your pages in their directories.

3. Getting high positions for all of those listed Pages.

So how do we achieve this and where does blog and ping come into play?

Well we can get a search engine spider to visit daily by having a proper blog with proper content that is updated regularly (don’t take me to task on my definition of proper here please). Im sure you know this!

Google and others visit this blog daily and as you can see it has a PR5 which is not to bad. As a consequence the spiders also visit all the links I have going out from this Blog, not least the website it’s sitting in (my main site). So this is one way you can use a Blog and Ping to get indexed. You Blog and then you ping that Blog using a service such as


or in my case as I use MT I just configure all the servers I want to ping in my settings and MT pings them each time I post.

It’s the hard way though because it takes no small amount of effort to write a Blog week in week out believe me 🙂 So Blog and Ping part two! The easier way which did indeed work but now is losing it’s effectivness as the spiders get cleverer 🙁

This time you have a Blog that you set-up and lets say that 3 times a week you post your links and then ping the Blog. The spider visits and follows your links (hopefully). Sadly though it’s very easy for a spider to recognise that each time it visits your Blog all it finds is a bunch of links and no real content! Et Voila it stops coming to see you 🙁 So Blog and Ping in this sense is not as effective as it was a few months ago.

later this week Ill outline one way that is more effective than just Blog and Ping and is what I use on this site and also on my Niche sites. See if you can find it on this site?