Full SEO Technical Site Audit

All SEO starts with a technical site audit.

You simply cannot improve your site without understanding and fixing all the technical issues that are present on it. Our audit covers over 100 individual aspects of your sites health and gives clear instructions on how to fix each issue.

full technical seo audit

Google Algorithm Update Did Your Rankings suffer?

If you have a business or venture on the internet and are getting traffic from the Search Engines at some point you will be faced with the dreaded ranking Drop due to a Google Core Update!


Some updates are more substantial than others but what you must understand is that Google updates RankBrain almost on a daily basis. Changing the algorithm is a norm as Google constantly strives to succeed in its mission of delivering quality search results to its users.

Quality search results are all Google is interested in delivering to its searchers.

Now of course there are millions of businesses on the internet now, 70 million business pages and more are registered on Facebook and God only knows how many on Linked in as it has 500 million users and most all of those are business users in the main.

Some if not all of those businesses are getting “FREE” traffic to their websites from Google. I say free but of course it isn’t free in real terms when you understand SEO and all that goes into a correctly implemented campaign. These businesses probably rely heavily on this search traffic without them even understanding how they are getting it! At least not the technical aspects of how they are getting it.

Over 90% of our clients do NOT understand SEO or how they get their traffic! They have vague ideas of what a keyword is and a limited understanding of linking but in our experience that’s about it.When I start talking to them about C class Ip ranges and why they are important as part of their ranking their eyes glaze over.

So is it any wonder when Google performs a particularly intense update to RankBrain that impacts their business, and the Golden Goose of traffic that they have relied on so much falls off the cliff and flaps it’s way downward in ever increasing panic that they also panic. A LOT. At about the same time our email server explodes with panicked requests for help and Glen starts sending us over-spill from his too! (Thanks Glen)

You might like most of the businesses we deal with take your FREE traffic for granted until Google takes it away from you that is. Then you sit up and notice as your businesses monthly revenues get cut in half. Money talks, right?

Just like trading stocks on the markets. For you to win, someone has to LOSE. The money you just made someone just lost. Harsh but true. The same is said for Internet Search traffic of course. There are only so many searches and only so many keywords and phrases in each niche. Those daily and monthly searches are split between all the players in the market (niche)

Winners and losers

So as there are winners and losers in life and in search, and being a winner in Google means you are getting more of the search pie and ultimately more of the money. You need to make sure you are on the winning team. Of course, for most businesses the first time they realise how important SEO and search is to their business is AFTER the Golden Goose fell off the cliff.

So, what’s to be done then If you find yourself in the situation where half or more of your search traffic was taken away from you overnight by Google?

The first thing you need to realise is that in general it is salvageable. Most all of the people that come to us in this situation we have been able to help and get them back to where they were before and of course beyond. We are interested in increasing search reach so invariably once we have come on board you will see an uplift over what you were getting before.

Sometimes we can’t achieve this if for example you have been experimenting with Black Hat SEO and they have caught you out and penalised your Domain. But generally if you have lost rankings due to a Core Update we can help. All is not lost you just have to take notice, fix the issues and up your quality game.

These are some clients of ours showing their ranking drops after the recent Google Core Update of October 2018.

Not a huge amount of traffic for this site in the medical sector but the traffic is worth a lot as is the customer retention value.

Google Core Update Rank Drop

This client has lost half of their monthly revenue overnight. Can you imagine that happening to your business?

Have you suffered a loss of rankings

Not huge volumes of traffic for this client but they have pretty much lost it all. Down from 400 searches to about 14 with a loss of around 15k per month in revenue.

Lost Rankings

Some serious money has been lost to this client again pretty much overnight. They have lost over 10,000 site visitors per month. Ouch.

Core Update 2018

We are working with these sites and others to help restore their lost income.

Remember that Google does not think like you do. It’s a machine, it’s called RankBrain and it works on math. It’s not personal and it certainly does not care. We had an old saying in the Navy that Hydraulics don’t hear you scream! They don’t and nor does Google.

At its heart is quality and it measures quality algorithmically as I stated before. It’s basically a box ticking exercise. Tick more of the boxes and it will like you more. Tick them all and it will love you and reward you accordingly with loads of traffic, and as we all know traffic = money.

No one knows how many individual items there are within RankBrains algorithm apart from Google. Just like no one knows the recipe for Coke. SEO’s do have a pretty good idea of some of them and those are the ones we concentrate on checking and fixing if we can.


What to do if you have suffered a ranking Drop

So what do we do when a client comes to us or is recommended to us after they have suffered a ranking drop? What should you do for that matter?

We perform for them a Full SEO technical analysis and site report. This report contains and details the following aspects

  1. A historical view of where they have been traffic wise and where they are now.
  1. A technical analysis of all of their site’s errors. We pull their site apart with this one. This part of the report is very lengthy and detailed and contains the following metrics:
Issues with duplicate title tags Duplicate content issues
Pages have duplicate meta descriptions Broken internal links
Pages that returned 4XX status code Pages that don’t have a title tag
AMP-related issues Pages that couldn’t be crawled (DNS resolution issues)
Pages couldn’t be crawled (incorrect URL formats) Internal images that are broken
Pages that returned 5XX status code Robots.txt file format errors
Sitemap.xml files have format errors Incorrect pages found in sitemap.xml
Pages have a WWW resolve issue Pages have no viewport tag
Pages have too large HTML size Pages that couldn’t be crawled
Issues with hreflang values Hreflang conflicts within page source code
Issues with incorrect hreflang links Non-secure pages
Issues with expiring or expired certificate (SSL) Issues with old security protocol
Issues with incorrect certificate name (SSL) Issues with mixed content
No redirect or canonical to HTTPS homepage from HTTP version Redirect chains and loops
Pages with a broken canonical link Pages have multiple canonical URLs
Pages have a meta refresh tag Issues with broken internal JavaScript and CSS files
Subdomains don’t support secure encryption algorithms Sitemap.xml files are too large
Pages have slow load speed Issues with blocked internal resources in robots.txt
Pages that don’t have meta descriptions Images that don’t have alt attributes
Pages that have a low word count Pages that have too many parameters in their URLs
Pages that have low text-HTML ratio Pages that have temporary redirects
Outgoing internal links that contain the nofollow attribute Pages that have too much text within the title tags
Pages that don’t have an h1 heading Pages that have no hreflang and lang attributes
Pages that don’t have doctype declared Sitemap.xml not indicated in robots.txt
Uncompressed pages Page’s that don’t have character encoding declared
External links that are broken External images that are broken
Pages that use Flash Pages that contain frames
Pages that have underscores in the URL Links on HTTPS pages that lead to an HTTP page
Pages that have duplicate H1 and title tags Sitemap.xml not found
Homepage does not use HTTPS encryption (No SSL) Subdomains don’t support SNI
HTTP URLs in sitemap.xml for HTTPS site Pages don’t have enough text within the title tags
Pages have too many on-page links Issues with uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files
Issues with uncached JavaScript and CSS files Pages have a JavaScript and CSS total size that is too large
Pages use too many JavaScript and CSS files Issues with unminified JavaScript and CSS files
Pages that have only one incoming internal link Pages that need more than 3 clicks to be reached
Pages that have more than one H1 tag URLs on pages that are too long
Robots.txt not found Pages have hreflang language mismatch issues
Subdomains don’t support HSTS Pages that are blocked from crawling
Pages blocked by X-Robots-Tag: noindex HTTP header Issues with blocked external resources in robots.txt
Issues with broken external JavaScript and CSS files URLs with a permanent redirect
Outgoing external links contain nofollow attributes Orphaned pages in sitemaps

Phew I did say it was lengthy eh!

This is a pretty bad one! We have our work cut out here fixing all this.

Technical SEO Site Report


As you can see this is a VERY complex report on your site’s health. Every single one of those metrics you are being judged on by RankBrain and either marked up or down accordingly. We also look at speed and performance as well as ping backs and Hosting issues. And finally, we also run a full back-link analysis so that we can check the state of your linking profile and see if there are any toxic links out there that need to be disavowed. Once collated this report is then presented to you in PDF format with explanations in detail of what each issue is.

Now data is all well and good but the magic of SEO is in the interpretation and the implementation of said data. The fixing of it all! You are free to go away and fix them all yourself, get your webmaster to do it or engage with us to run an SEO campaign for you part of which includes fixing all of your issues.

So If you have suffered from ranking drops or would like to see the state of your sites current SEO you can order one of our SEO Audit reports by clicking this link below and we will schedule you in. We can also vary your report to include some competitor analysis.

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