February 10th, 2005 may go down in history as the final coup de grace for privacy in America.

On that date, the US House of Representatives voted overwhelming for a bill that will force every US person with “any” state driver’s license to have it converted into what amounts to a national identity card.

Papers please!

Welcome to America’s police state where you will be required by law, and under severe penalty, to carry your “papers.” In 2004 the United States Supreme Court ruled that failure to identify yourself to police is grounds for your arrest and probable cause for a search without any warrant!

This privacy stealing bill calls for electronically readable drivers licenses to contain amongst other things:

* Biometric recorded information
* Your blood type
* Your DNA
* Your fingerprints
* Your eye scans
* Your, medical, family and personal histories.

US passports with all of the above features (plus a few hidden goodies like tracking chips,) are forthcoming within months.

Worse, it has been ascertained that these cards cannot protect privacy and is subject to identity theft.

As usual and under false pretense, the government Terrocrats are using the excuse of anti-terrorism, and are forging full steam ahead.

Please note that hardly anyone in the US government and the US mainstream press bothers to point out, that in spite of the fact that Spain has had ID cards mandatory for many years now for all citizens and residents, terrorist bombings occur on a regular basis, even in the capital of Madrid!

Mr Orwell you were so RIGHT!