Over the weekend whilst I was back in the UK some friends and I decided to have a lan party, I know I know I’m a child at heart 🙂

Anyway my brother and also a good friend Martin were both complaining about their computers performance. ‘When was the last time you defragged it’ I asked “What’s that” they both said.

Now these machines are over 2 years old! So I dreaded what I might find. I quickly installed Diskeeper And whilst it was running on both machines I nipped on the net and downloaded Webroots Spysweeper for them both.

To my horror Martins machine was 79{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57} fragged and my brother’s not far behind at 68{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57}. I set Diskeeper to clean them up and also to defrag their MFT’s too. Diskeeper actually had to run 4 times on each machine to clean them up and then I set about them with Webroot.

Over 3 hours and 1700 traces of adware later they were both very happy with their performace increases 🙂

The moral is that just like a car you get the best from your PC by Keeping on top of its maintenance.