I have to say that I do indeed hate spammers.

But scammers are a different kettle of fish altogether! These scum are trying to steal from me and you! This morning I recieved this little email in my inbox and I have to say that I did indeed click on the link in my haste (and anger) that my paypal account had been suspended!

paypal SPAM

Click on the picture to read it 🙂 I had to scale it down to fit!

I have been using the net for 20 years (it was called the Arpanet back then) and would consider myself to be very experienced. But couple tiredness, anger and haste together and volia even I can get fooled into clicking a link ehh!

The link actually failed but if you click it it trys to load a sexpics domain Like this..


Marks moral of today is to chill and slow down 🙂