Most small business and home business owners mistakenly believe that the best way to get the most sales is to try marketing to the largest number of people in the widest possible market. However, taking a corporation point of view such as this one, when you are only a small business can only lead to struggle. Marketing becomes prohibitively expensive, and not as effective as it needs to be.

Today, all small businesses face a terrible amount of competition, no matter their market or industry. In combination with too much information, it means that it’s extremely challenging to try to get your business to stand out when you’re using a generic message that will appeal to everyone. There are just too many other businesses out there who are trying to say and provide the exact same thing, and the market appears saturated, when it doesn’t need to be.

In order to break away from this struggle, you need to create a niche-focused business message. This will create your own special niche that will stand above the din.

To do this, there are a few steps that you can take to help you achieve great results without having to spend very much money. The first step is to focus on the needs that have yet to be met among your target market. Then, come up with a unique little corner within that marketplace that flows from these basic elements:

• Narrow your focus and create more opportunities by speaking directly to the people most interested in your products or services, instead of just taking a shot in the dark at everyone, and spreading your marketing dollars too thin

• Build a reputation of expertise in your niche by writing articles and getting them published all over the web. There are lots of great places that allow you to submit your articles for free. Once you’re seen as a resource, you’ll also be seen as a trusted advisor, and people will naturally come to you when they need you.

• Share what you know. By providing lots of great information, customers will seek you out, instead of you having to seek them out.

• Offer products and services that are original – that is, you can’t get them anywhere else. This way, you can charge just a bit more.

By creating this superior level of niche as a marketing strategy, you’ll be playing in your own field instead of trying to compete against businesses that have better resources and finances.