So how do we get traffic to our adsense sites? This really depends on what type of site you have. Is it a REAL business or just a pure adsense site.

If it’s a real business with adsense ads on the site then you need to be looking at

1. Raw SEO results
2. PPC campaigns
3. Email marketing
4. Paid for advertising on high traffic sites
5. A blog
6. Links on other sites you got for FREE

All of the above will produce varying amounts of traffic to your site.

Now if your site is justs an adsense site I.E. you just have reams of copy and articles but no real product per se then you have problems.

1. Raw SEO traffic is just NOT going to work in the short term unless it’s a very specialized niche that noone else is in! The reason for this is that with a new domain your up against the age aglorithmn! You also will have no natural links built over time because you have not time on your side your new.

2. PPC is a waste of money because you have no product you only have adsense ads! You would have to monitor your ad spend very closely.

3. Email marketing could work if you include links in your newsletter etc to your content and then those people click your adsense ads but then you need a list to mail too.

4. Paid for advertising on high traffic sites. Could work but again its costing you and you’re not selling anything your trying to get people to click your adsense ads.

5. A blog. Yes maybe. It’s FREE and you can have links to your content and those people might click your adsense ads! Might.

Oh dear that’s not looking good is it? Not in the short term anyways! It boils down to this. For a pure adsense site you need FREE traffic and lots of it too, and the best FREE traffic comes from links on other websites or from the engines. Both of these you have to WORK for to get over time. So forget EASY adsense sites as a model for fast bucks.

Long term yes you can setup 1000 sites with great content on them and then work HARD to get links and optimize them and then over time these sites will get traffic naturally.