Im currently reading SE’s Malazan empire series and am just about to finish book four! Yet again book five is not written 🙁 So this will bring my tally of unfinished epics to four..

Robert Jordan wheel of time series

Im still waiting for book 11!! Yep book ELEVEN! He is not wrong calling it the wheel of time as I think he is caught in an infinate loop with this story and cant escape. I will have to read the whole series again as I cant remember anything about it now!

JV Jones Fortress of Grey ice

Is he ever going to give me book three to this series! I have been waiting over a year now and yet again have forgotten the first two in the series!

Ian Irvine Well of Echoes

Please Mr Ian give me book four to your well of echoes QUAURTET!

Never ever trust an author 🙂 In fact wait until he is finished before buying the first book! This is what I am going to do in future as im sick of waiting over a year to be able to finish my storys.