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Understanding optimum SEO for your most important marketing campaigns

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It means to improve the content of your website or online presence in such a way that global search engines will rank your content higher. A higher rank on search engines allows for better exposure and more free traffic to your content. This means more customers, more sales, and more people learning about what you have to offer.

15Degrees-North – the London SEO Specialist

Take advantage of a company that only provides one service – SEO – because we are the best at providing it. Our specialist London SEO provides the best search engine optimisation because it’s all we do. We don’t focus on anything other than getting your website and your online presence properly aligned. There is a reason we only do SEO. That reason is that 15Degrees-North is better than anyone else isat search engine optimisation.

The best example of our work is in how you found us here today. 90% of all our clients find us online searching for a company that can help their London business with SEO. If we weren’t so good at our job, you would never find us in a search for London SEO. Just imagine what we can do for your content. Better SEO means more leads, more recognition, and more clients for you.

The online marketplace is a vast expanse rich with rewards. Getting your name, information, and content in front of people who really want to see it is what makes potential leads turn into actual customers. It’s what really matters most in an ever-changing modern marketplace.

Don’t be fooled by other company tactics or amateur approaches to SEO. 15Degrees-North takes a new approach to search engine optimisation. We not only portray your content in the best most accessible way, but we predict what your customers want and how they are going to find it. By understanding new approaches to SEO, we are able to create new clients and new streams of income for your company. We build your online presence from the ground up with a stable foundation and room for you to flourish online.

London SEO Pricing

We provide an effective service at an effective cost. However, not all of our customers are the same. Just like not all businesses are the same. That’s why 15Degrees-North provides a wide range of possibilities when it comes to SEO services and their related costs.

Our London SEO Services Will Work for You

Some campaigns can include many different aspects, but one thing never to be overlooked is content. Content, content, content, and don’t forget it. Great content equals great search engine optimisation every time.

Through the implementation of a focused keyword approach, your online visibility will increase for those who are searching those keywords. For example, if your clients search for “cats,” your information pops up and says,“Cats right here.” It’s as simple as that, and our specialist London SEO makes that happen.

Additionally, search engine optimisation is not just about getting traffic to your content online. We understand that traffic is good, but traffic that converts is better. We take our search engine optimisation to the next level and not only get people to your content, but we get people to your content and then get them to engage with it. Part of SEO is filtering through clients to get the customers what they want and get them in the right place to allow your company to provide it.

Our main objective is to get your company started with an SEO campaign that provides excellent content, outstanding optimisation, and new clients looking to build a relationship with your company. We provide insight into the quality aspects of online interaction and we don’t waste time on anything else for a reason.

We take our job seriously and will get you the visibility your company deserves. Search engine optimisation doesn’t have to be confusing and hard. It doesn’t even have to be tricky or painful. With 15Degrees-North, your London SEO campaign will refine and magnify important aspects of your company to show new clients the excellent potential and limitless possibilities of working with your company today.

Don’t let your company hide in the shadows. Get in touch with 15Degrees-North, and let your content shine.

Why Should You Choose Our London SEO Over Others?

First, some blunt honesty: we’re not located in London, but close. Now, our page is the result of our London SEO and shows why we excel at what we do for our current customers, as well as you, our future client.

Since we are not London-based and due to our set up, we are a great choice for you because our prices are much lower than SEO agencies within London’s borders. Those based in London charge an overwhelming £4,000 per month for the services we provide due to the premium cost of their London location. Now, compare that to our company: We have an incredible 98% client-retention rate, but our average London client only averages monthly fees of around £1,000 for the exact same services.

Our search engine optimisation’s cost per acquisition is also impressive and blows the competition away. Our cost competes against and wins against all other channels. Get in touch for a complete breakdown of how we will save your business a fortune in marketing.

Our London SEO service works around the clock and does not need to be checked in on every few minutes, won’t disappear on you, and is completely reliable as the best option to market your company, regardless of your industry.

SEO marketing channels are not what you remember from a decade ago. Like all marketing channels, they are nearly unrecognisable when compared to its former state; it’s not the SEO of old. Google moved the goal posts and the process is now much harder for us and everyone involved.

What are the biggest changes in marketing these days? Now just as important as former techniques, we deal with public relations, videos, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media companies, design and development, metrics (heat mapping, conversion optimisation, time spent on websites), and content marketing. These were all previously considered non-SEO elements, but they are now integral to SEO.

Did we mention we are the #1 London-based SEO consultants? Most of our London SEO work is quite traditional. For example, we maintain tangible goals and a monthly retainer, as well as a consultant team who works alongside external companies (those with internal teams but are much larger companies). The process creates strategies that are in harmony with each client’s goals, as well as their weak and strong points. Our team works with them in order to provide a plan for the company to implement. If needed, we also will train in various parts of the strategy, if this is needed.

Are you looking forward to training and growth in your search engine optimisation? By now, you know we lead the way in the London SEO business, so call us for a consultation.

The 15Degrees-North Difference

Experienced – We have over thirty years of experience in the London SEO game and are doing quite well for ourselves – as proof, you found us quickly and easily in this terribly competitive market!

Expert – We are all-around specialists in SEO and everything that affects it. We believe in specialising in just one area, rather than being a jack-of-all-trades; we are a master in one and we are sticking to it.

Innovative – Our outreach team is constantly pushing the boundaries in innovation and creativity in order to be at the web’s forefront.

Focused – We provide specifically tailored plans for each client that are set up at the beginning of each partnership.

Proven – Just ask our clients – their results will prove that we are great at marketing.

Supportive – You can easily contact our whole team for outstanding support. We are all ready and able to answer your questions about SEO strategy and will work with you to develop the best strategy for your company.

On-Page SEO

‘Our company website just won’t appear in Google, is there anything we can do?’

We would suggest that you employ strategies that will allow you to be seen more easily. The first thing you should try is an on-page search engine optimisation.

When a series of optimisation techniques are applied to your website’s pages, it is called On-Page SEO. In doing so, when a search engine is used, your webpage will be easier to find.

A number of valuable factors pertaining to on-page SEO are presented below.

Website Accessibility

A website that is easy to access is valuable not only from the point of view of making the visitor’s experience great but search engines also find it valuable.

Additional brownie points used for ranking will be given to you if bots employed by search engines find navigating your website easy. Conversely, if search engines find it difficult to index and crawl the website’s pages, the rankings you get will be hurt.

Making a website more accessible is done through optimising some core site elements:

  • 301 redirects
  • Links canonisation
  • Dead link removal
  • Dead page removal
  • URLs
  • Page titles
  • Meta tags
  • Descriptions
  • Internal Anchor Text

Brand Building

Making your business’ brand more identifiable will give you greater public awareness. SEO gives you the ideal vehicle to accomplish both.

Furthermore, online relevancy is a necessity for all businesses. This is due to the algorithms used by search engines giving rewards to websites in correspondence to their E-A-T (Expertise, Authorisation, and Trustworthiness) rating.

The majority of old-school SEO techniques are concerned with making the business you own an established figure of authority within its sector. SEO will, therefore, be responsible for making your brand’s total value stronger.

Find the Business’ Core Product and Perfect It

The greatest method to cement your authority and competence is to show off your relevant advanced skills and knowledge.

Giving evidence of the accomplishments you have in a particular aspect of the business can possibly generate a superb USP (unique selling point).for the brand.

Upon being able to set yourself apart as being a leader in this specific aspect of the business, it gets a lot less difficult to become involved in other areas of your industry.

Brands are preferred by search engines, therefore in becoming a brand, you can guarantee that the updated content you have is indexed sooner and is listed further up the results on the search engine page.

Making available first-rate content is a way of strengthening the brand. If an established brand is what you desire, the first thing to do is determine the areas that will allow you to become a leader, however small that niche is.

When you find the specific area that you believe the brand possesses a real possibility of survival and be then be able to thrive on the market thereafter, this is where you should focus your efforts relating to content.

Growing Your Brand by Building Links

The priority for the link building efforts you employ should be obtaining the links that suit the website as well as the specific area your business is in.

Search engines get a picture of a website based upon links to it, and this can make or break your ranking and branding strategy.

A while ago (prior to updates to Google’s software), it was thought by link builders that it was of great benefit to get as many links as possible from distinct places of origin to your website

A method like this was indeed functional in the past. However, in recent times this is believed to be spamming which can ruin the website’s branding and ranking potential further down the road.

Having fewer links is a recommendation we give, and only when the links being obtained are very credible and originate from websites possessing a lot of esteem in your industry.

Consider it a while. How could you improve the results pages for your website? Get 1,000 links from terrible sites, maybe even those that spam? Or just two links from websites considered trustworthy and authoritative? The answer is the latter.

Your brand’s quality is enhanced when your website is linked to by an esteemed website. At the same time, you are positioning yourself onto a select line-up of websites that are preferable to search engines.

Search Keyword Targeting

Let’s go over some common issues with keyword targeting. You may have any of the following questions: What kinds of services are people searching for? How do I begin this process? How can I be visible to my current and future customers?

Despite being an expert in your business and its niche, we can never be completely sure of what other people are thinking, and how they are performing searches. How can you be sure that what you are doing on your site translates into your customers’ needs? Your customers typically think about their problems, while you as a business provide solutions. The ways they think about their problems are how they will search for their answers, and thus you. The SEO strategy you choose will thus succeed or fail on traversing this gap.

How do you find the customers who have not yet found you? After all, it’s only possible to communicate with those who have already discovered you and your business. It’s logical that there are far more customers that are unable to find you than those who do and already have. The potential is always there for more – you just need to optimise your website to match the keywords future customers use to search for their problems.

By doing so, your site will become more accessible to a larger customer base. Focusing on keywords is vital, clearly. However, you are risking less traffic to your site, and thus few conversions, if your focus is on keywords that people aren’t using. Your hard work and research ahead of time will allow more traffic to view your website, thus resulting in more customer conversions.

So, why should you invest in keyword research? The truth is it’s massively important to any company’s SEO strategy.

First off, the research provides new opportunities because the net result is a list of terms that future customers (as well as your business) are looking for. If you are able to specifically target these terms, then you will be able to acquire more web traffic with a minimal amount (or zero) competition. Significant investment return is typically the net result of all your marketing research on using the proper keywords.

Second, keyword research will end up saving you money. In addition to a simple list of targeted search terms, you can figure out your future competition and project the total traffic you anticipate directing to your site. The extra money saved can then be allocated to your company’s London SEO strategy. By basing your SEO strategy by ranking terms that will generate site traffic, you will be able to eliminate the potentially intense competition that will be striving for the same traffic using the same general terms.

For example, your returns will be far better using this strategy than directly competing with hundreds of thousands of companies all using the same basic keywords. Your due diligence in the research makes sure that your SEO strategy also avoids negative keywords, as that will do a lot of long-term damage to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation, also known as CRO, refers to the set of techniques used to increase the number of visitorsto a website that ultimately convert to customers. CRO is such a valuable tool for online business owners because it focuses on drawing in and ‘converting’ those customers that are most likely to make a purchase from a business.

CRO is incredibly valuable due to its usage of tools that are already at the disposal of the online business owner. Namely, CRO focuses on the optimisation of the website in order to generate positive results for the business in question.

The excellent return on investment provided by CRO is especially attractive when one considers the 84% improvement on visitor-to-customer conversion rates observed by companies that implement a structured approach.

To illustrate this point, imagine a company that has a 2% conversion rate on 100,000 visitors. That company would need to attract more visitors to be more efficient than a company with a conversion rate of 25% yet only 10,000 visitors. In other words, 98% of the visitors to the first website in this example do not convert, which naturally leads to the conclusion that focusing solely on getting more traffic will not necessarily result in more sales if the majority of visitors do not become customers. This is a classic example of quality over quantity.

Therefore, increased traffic should not be the primary goal – increased conversion rates should be. This will result in a lower cost per customer acquisition, which translates into increased profits, which in turn may result in more resources available for website promotion, ultimately leading to even greater profits.

SEO is also a great resource for retaining customers. Customer retention is arguably more important than acquiring new customers as it costs about five times less to retain existing customers.

On average, e-commerce conversion rates in the UK are between 2% and 4%.

Though pay-per-click ads can increase traffic to a website and in turn increase profits, one will still be at the mercy of Google, the powerful third party whose algorithms have a profound effect on which ads reach which potential customers and where. This is part of what makes CRO such a powerful marketing tool. Unlike SEO or PPC ads, CRO is not dependent on Google. CRO is instead about enriching the individual experience a customer has on a website, thereby increasing their chances of return.

Link Building for Conversion Optimisation

Link building is important for building a brand, but beyond brand building, it is also very important to a website’s overall SEO strategy. In fact, it is paramount because it builds lasting relationships. Link building helps to connect one with relevant blogs and websites in a particular industry. This is most relevant with respect to recent productions, such as aninformative infographicor a video. Not only would one stand to gain links through this kind of exposure, but also much more in the long run.

By connecting with heavyweight brands in a related niche, a business owner stands to gain authority and trust by associating with an already beloved and established brand. A prominent link from the website or blog of a highly trusted brand will also increase traffic considerably. As this traffic has come by way of a link placed within relevant media, it is likely that the visitors diverted to one’s website via this link will already be interested in that niche, thus resulting in a higher conversion rate.

We believe that the more organic the technique used for link building, the more valuable it will be for a website. We do not believe that the use of spammy techniques is truly effective nor do they result in any SEO benefits. Naturally, we don’t use such techniques due to their lack of efficacy.

We believe that due to its importance in consumer impressions, link building can result in not only positive impressions but negative ones as well. By linking a brand with a high authority website, it is placed in a ‘good neighbourhood’, which ensures a high rank on search engines.

Link building with spammy websites that consumers do not trust can easily land a website in a ‘bad neighbourhood’, which then causes it to be more likely to run the risk of incurring penalties on search engines. This will also cause the brand to run the risk of gaining a negative reputation as word among consumers spreads about the spammy association. The rise of social media has made it easier than ever for consumers to share their opinions – both positive and negative.

By creating excellent content for a brand’s website, we can ensure the links it attracts are organic and high quality, resulting in a higher likelihood of new visitors that ultimately convert. In order to naturally rank highly, one must attract many high-quality links to a website. This is easily achieved with 15Degrees-North on your side.

Our focus is on attracting those organic, high-quality links, leaving a brand impervious to the frustrations that may arise due to the influence of a third party. This helps to ensure that a business’ website willbe rewarded over the long term by search engine results.

Delivering great SEO value to a website can be achieved by focusing on high-quality inbound links and the generation of great, quality content.