A subject that is being talked about a lot at the moment is Domain name locking.

Go-daddy has sent to all their customers and email telling them to login and lock-up their Domain names with their registrar.


Well put it simply a person may not be able to steal your domain, but they sure can cause YOU problems.

Let’s see how.

I have some 22 domains, I go on a little trip (I do that often) and while I’m gone someone transfers four of my domains to a different registrar. I don’t get my email… it goes through without my saying so. …(before it couldn’t now it can)

Now my domain, still in my name is at another registrar, is it still pointing to my server? I hope so!

I just sold a domain to someone, I go to get it and guess what it is not where I thought it was but with another registrar and I don’t have a login. My hands are tied up?

Can the person who transferred my domain get in and change my info. Well, I don’t know… and I sure don’t want to find out either 🙂

SO Lock em up now while you can so you dont end up in this little scenario!


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