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Why is local SEO so important?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of improving your website’s search engine position for key search terms. When you improve your position on search engines you receive more traffic and ultimately get more sales. Targeting searches that focus on your businesses vicinity helps you rank higher for the searches that matter. Your business will be considered important to the local area and the cost of advertising actually comes down.

Better Rankings

Focused long-tail search targeting and local SEO focus

Improved CPA

Steadily improving Cost Per Acquisition for lower advertising costs

Higher Conversions

Better tracking of leads and conversions

More Interaction

An interesting, useful interactive website for more engagement

Google ‘My Business’

Achieving a presence through a local SEO campaign can really fast-track your ranking in Google. Come out from under the rock you are hiding under, let your message reach the right people and your business will be well known to future customers in your locale.

This, however, is not as easy as it appears on the surface. There are obstacles that must be surmounted. What was formerly was known as Google Places is now Google ‘My Business’. There are some significant changes beyond the name change. It has been decoupled from its former attachment to Google+. You need an expert to help you navigate through the changes that have occurred.

Getting your business location on the map is only a part of the equation for success. You must include local reviews, appear in organic listings and be on various other niche search engines. And now that local traffic is coming how do you convert that into sales?

If you have looked through our website you can see that we are driven by results, the bottom line. Before we start to do any work, we need to look over your present website for any mistakes that prevent you from reaching your goal. We want to ensure that the work that we do to optimise will not be wasted when potential customers stumble over issues on your pages.

So that about sums it up. The idea is to achieve a superior user experience, a greater number of conversions, and tonnes of traffic. If you like the way all this sounds you need to contact us today!

A Bespoke Local SEO Strategy for your Business

We run campaigns for companies ranging from the small to the enterprise, from startups to long-established names. Everything we do for each customer is specially tailored to their business and needs, and we’ll do the same thing for your business.

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