So there I am with my steaming Nescafe Cappuccino on my desk happily reading through my emails for the morning. The phone rings and I casually reach across to grab it catching the top of my mug with my hand. The mug does a slow motion pirouette (no shit) speeds up in its oscillation and happily dumps its (full) contents all over my BRAND NEW logitech Di Novo soft keyboard, multimedia bluetooth pad, desk, mouse and mouse mat 🙁 Not to mention assorted paperwork and documents.

Now don’t those moments just piss you off huh? I spent the next 2 hours stripping it all apart and cleaning every key and component with some alchohol cleaner. Thankfully upon putting it all back together it not only works but I dont have a sticky key in sight 🙂 Ah the wonders of Alchohol ehh


Anyone got a mug that if you drop it nothing comes out?