So my friend is on the phone to me again last night bemoaning the state of his life and career. He is a stockbroker I am an entrepreneur. He gets paid a lot to gamble with other peoples money but has no time to spend it. I have lots of FREE time to enjoy mine. ‘Your so FREE’ he says! ‘What can I do to boost my career so I can get more freedom? Do I need to change careers? Tell me what to do Mark’?

“You don’t have a career” I tell him ‘you have a JOB and your JOB is your life and this is why you have no FREE time’! “Whattt” he says! ‘Of course I have a career. I went to university’! As if this somehow qualifies him 🙂 I reply that I went to a comprehensive school and left with No qualifications at all. He spent years studying and I spent years exploring life.

‘No you have a job’ I tell him, ‘you think you have a career but really you have a job. Now if you were a surgeon say, then I would say you had a career. Career is a term you have been brainwashed with all your life that makes your job more palatable. Some people have careers but most have jobs that they think are careers! You have a job. Whilst you think it’s a career and is somehow central and progressive as it’s own entity, your more likely to stay put. Once it just becomes a job you wont put up with your bosses BS anymore 🙂 You wont work for FREE after 5 o clock 🙂 In fact horror of horrors you might reach out and do something radical like leave’!

He regularly works FREE time you see. It’s a disease in the UK this office FREE time work thing BS. It’s insidious! “What Mark leaving at 5 o clock again tut tut. We have to get that report out you know”. “Taking Lunch again Mark tut tut do you really have to eat? Cant you eat at your desk”? So not only does he not have a career he actually works for FREE because of the hidden office pressure that makes millions stay at their desks when in reality their days hours are done!

We have these conversations often my friend and I. These are my suggestions.

1. Dont mistake a job for a career! Some folks have great careers, some folks actually carve a career out of their job, most folks just have the job part!

2. Never work FREE time. Your life is short and your time is valuable. If your boss wants your time, charge it out at a fair rate. Be assured he wont work for FREE when it comes to billing his customers 🙂 FREE time! That’s what you give when your retired isnt it? Tea and buscuits anyone! My Mum gives FREE time in the WRVS and townswomens guild!

2. Dont be a stockbroker 🙂 In fact dont go anywhere near the city if you want anything remotely resembling a life and some FREE time!

3. When you struggle with this concept call me 🙂