Hi Guys

I have a trackback convo underway with Aussie Netsuite That seems to be heading the way of Business Morals. Actually I do agree very much with This Post.

However, Business is about making money and nothing else. Man that’s a bold statement eh! If it was’nt we would do it for free wouldnt we? I would be an artist or scuplter! Now dont get me wrong here! If we can do our business in such a way as for it to be holistic and moral and still make money then all the better for the world and those around us. In that sense I see business as all about the money.

BUT, the best business model to my mind puts service, morals and holistic approach above and before making money. Interestingly enough this approach often leads to making more money anyway! I always new Deepak was right about currency and the flow of it 🙂 It’s a universal law that the greedy never get 🙂 The more you give the more you recieve. So simple ehh and yet so difficult to grasp my the many!

When I was a hippy living in Cornwall philosphising each day how we could change the world and universe 🙂 The overiding factor was that we were skint and so could do very little! Jesus himself said give to the poor not join them in their poverty. One can only give if one has the means to do it. My dream is to make more money so I can give more away and as such I want to be more successfull at my business and an aspect of measuring that success is the amount of money we make.



One of the main reasons I am “off centre” is because I give away for FREE knowledge and information that other marketers charge thousands for!