I was over at Tinbasher today and the licky git has been nominated for Best Small Business blog! I get the bloody Peakcock award and a donkey jacket wearing sheet metal fabricator from Lancashire gets Best Small Business! No justice in this world 🙂

Still Paul does remind me of an old Blacksmith friend of mine called Dave Knight. A more eccentric chap you could’nt wish to meet, perpetual half smoked unlit roll up in the corner of his mouth and a keen member of the sealed knot for whom he makes swords amongst other things 🙂

I remember one day down at Daves Forge whilst we were warming ourselves he suddenly blurted out “Wheres me Fu++++** hammer”? Ah Agamutu has had it again he raged. “Agamutu” I said! ‘Yeh he’s the god of borrowing things! Only thing is he forgets to bring the bloody things back, and then when he does he puts them in a different place to where you left it’!

Now over the years I have tinkered with cars and bikes and now karts and I have to admit that the times I have put a spanner down only for it to DISSAPEAR is beyond counting. Then voila just when you reach boiling point and have completed stripping the whole car, there it is right on top of the air filter all the time. Now you know and I know that you did indeed not only look on the air filter but also stripped that down too.

Daves answer is Agamutu 🙂 He borrowed it, lent it to someone else and then while your wernt looking brought it back!