I have been following Ivans Struggle with cancer over Here for quite some time now. It saddens me that he has written his Final Post

He made me reflect once again (as he always does) on my life and my worrys. I conclude that if you have your health then you are 90{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57} there in life! If you have people around you that love and care for you then that’s the other 10{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57}

That’s 100{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57}! Which means there should be no room left for worrying about money, debt and all the myriad other stupid things we worry about when we havent got anything better to do!

I shall miss your musings Ivan and will think of you often.