Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Practical Extraction and Reporting Language is a common acronym used for Perl is a general-purpose UNIX scripting language to make report processing easier. The latest version to be released is Perl 6.

Perl borrows a lot of its features from other popular programming languages including C, shell scripting (sh), AWK, and sed. Perl language is popular for it s powerful text processing capabilities. It also facilitates easy manipulation of text files. Perl is provided with an inbuilt parsing capability which made it a favorite for CGI scripting. Though CGI is its most popular use Perl is also used in the number of other areas ranging different fields of science. Perl is used for graphics programming, system administration, network programming, finance, bioinformatics, and other applications. Perl is sometimes referred to as the “duct tape that holds the Internet together”, in reference to its ubiquity and perceived inelegance.

Perl is one of the most commonly used programming languages used online. From the point of view of a non-programmer, there is not much difference between Java, Perl or even PHP. Perl hosting is widely influenced by the already existing technologies like the C programming language and is quite popular on Linux and UNIX platforms.
There are various benefits to Perl programming. Some of which are given as follows:

It does not make use of system specific features
It can work on any platform and almost any operating system can support it.
Perl is known for its string processing feature, known to be extremely versatile, capable of being flawlessly integrated into the language.
Ease of use.

Apart from being versatile enough to work on all main computing platforms, Perl can be used for advanced level programming also. Perl is successfully used in system administration, programming of network and graphics, etc and can also be used in apps that need database access. Perl is also a good option when it comes to encryption of sensitive information such as online transactions, safe and secure login, etc. Because of such features Perl hosting has become a viable option. Perl hosting allows you to make use of CGI Perl scripts. You can also take advantage of the in-built Perl modules with Perl hosting.

Hosting companies that provide top-notch Perl hosting will make sure that the Perl scripts of the users is provided with optimized performance. Thus, the user will be able to make use of fast and reliable Perl hosting servers with Perl scripts.