Hi All

Well My mission of let’s setup some new web-hosts has taken some interesting turns 🙂 3 of the web hosts I tried to create an account with have responded to my emails. Here they are below 🙂

Dear Mark,

The order did not pass our verification checks. The IP address that you ordered from did not match the order address.

You can resubmit the order from correct location of the IP or change the address on the order. We can have the order setup for you right away once it is resubmitted.

So Essentailly because I am in Dubai and my card is registered in the UK they wont play with me! Either that or I can fly back to the UK and setup from there and then fly back (perhaps not eh)



Oh this one is good 🙂

Dear Valued IPower Customer
Thank you for contacting the IPOWER Billing Team and for your recent web hosting order. Unfortunately we are unable to process your order at this time due to verification. Due to the high number of fraudulent orders we are receiving, we have found it necessary to verify that the legal cardholder has placed the order. To proceed with the activation of your account, please fax a legible copy of the credit card listed on the order (sides are required; front and back), as well as a copy of the cardholder’s identification (driver’s license, passport etc.). Finally, be sure to note the domain name(s) on the fax for immediate resolution. Our fax number is (602)307-5438. ( or you may scan .JPG copies of the requested documentation, attatch, and reply)
We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please know that these measures are taken to ensure your protection as a consumer. All credit card information provided to IPOWER is confidential. Also if you are unable to fax the verification you can scan the copies of your identification and make them into jpeg files under 1mb and email this information to [email protected]
If you do not wish to fax your information, you do have the option of us sending us a check or money order. Our billing address is listed below:


So they will play with me but only after I have faxed over all the stuff they ask for, hmmm so much for the instant actiavtion mentioned on their site then huh!!! Not only that but this is for WEB HOSTING!! Anyone would think I am trying to order enriched uranium!



They have not responded to any of my emails after 4 days now so god knows what they are doing!


My conclusion! hmmm thats a tricky one Just use UK based hosts I guess as the American ones appear to becoming increasingly paranoid. Check this, monitor that, protect this, protect that. protect YOU from yourself. Yep Ive said it before but George Orwell was right.