What do you think is most important to your online business

1. A Great Sales letter
2. A Great autoresponder sequence
3. A good selection of backend products
4. Lots of quality Traffic
5. Lots of good fresh content
6. Regular Article publishing
7. A regularly updated Blog
8. A quality E-zine
9. A massive opt in email list

If you said anything other than 4 your wrong. Traffic is EVERYTHING. Direct marketers know this all to well. Send out 1 million mail pieces and convert just .5{43946a6dc24a630024a4956007774dcc8df1489b9e2ae5f76e983656afc81d57} and you have

5000 sales!

It matters not one jot that 995,000 binned your offer!

Get 1 million uniques to your site and even with a poorly written sales letter you will convert some to sales (quite a lot) However have a great sales letter without any traffic and you wont convert anything!

Once you have the traffic you can add in all the other aspects of marketing like a good sales letter and autoreponder sequence etc. Traffic comes first though. Sales letter tweaking, web design tweaking, autoresponders, opt ins etc are all secondry. Important yes but secondry all the same!


And now you want to know how to get it huh 🙂