Yep im on holiday and I could’nt resist a blog post 🙂 I might even take some pics and post them up too ha ha. Man Dubai is the biggest building site I have ever seen in my life. This place is amazing and will be even more so when it’s finished! A veritable millionaires playground indeed.

Anyway talking of this post. I was scanning my drive for stuff to read on the beach and it amazes me how many products I have purchased with the INTENTION of reading them only to submit them to the depths of my hard drive! The problem is I am a sucker for a good sales letter (yes I admit it) I also dont like to miss out on information, as I have said before I am an info junky to say the least. I love learning and I LOVE reading.

BUT there is only so much learning you can do and only so much reading and to be honest neither of these are going to earn you any money UNLESS you APPLY one fo the ideas that you read!

Fortunately for me I have several ideas that tick over nicely thankyou. So find an idea and then concentrate on just that one thing until it’s working, then and only then move onto the next idea. Oh yes and dont expect every idea to work either 🙁 I have had literally hundreds of ideas that have failed! I have lost count of the sheep that have told me not to try and why am I wasting my time with that internet thing!

But then you only need one to work and you end up on a beach in dubai writing blog posts 🙂 Where are those people now? Oh yes still stuck in their ruts doing the do, the same ol same ol. NEVER be discouraged in fact NEVER discuss with others what you’re doing and then they can never discourage you in the first place 🙂