Can you remember those Tv ads from the 50’s (of course you can’t) Even I can’t, but I have seen them on occasion. You know the ones? Mrs Perfect Stepford drooling over all the latest gadgets! They heralded a new age. An age where technology would FREE us from the slavery of time! Yeh right one 🙁 The more technology we get the LESS time we seem to have to do anything at all!

How much time do you think you have with an email message before the reader clicks away?

A. 2 minutes

B. 1.30 seconds

C. 1 minute

D. 45 seconds

E. 15 seconds

The answer alarmingly is E! Yes folks you have 15 seconds to grab your readers attention with your marketing blurb before they click away.

The clever chaps over at Marketing Sherpa have produced some wonderfull metrics on all this and it’s well worth a read.

Mark wonders what the metrics are for Blog posts! I know what my clickthrough rate is for my feed headlines, but I dont know how long a reader stays once they arrive at the Blog. Hmmm wheres my developer, let’s see if we cant get a script for this!